Opening opportunities
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Saudi Arabia is a place in which many market fields are right now in the process of flourishing and developing. It is a pivotal moment in time in which, on the verge of opening chances to evolve towards the future, there are many slots to fill. Yourspace was a business idea that was born in this environment; a solution to new brands, entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative minds that needed a place in which to begin or make their adventures grow and give life to their ideas. They asked us to create a global branding, UI and UX project for their app that would help them position Yourspace, find their audience and make them know the importance of having a space to create the future.

So, off we went. The brand strategy we created after several workshops defined how the audience was segmented in two groups: the people that wanted to put spaces out there to rent and the people that needed to rent a specific type of space, from a desk in a coworking place, to a sound design room. Also, we worked on a clear and precise name to be easy to identify and to make people know what the company did. We needed a simple name, as the reality was that in Saudi Arabia there was not much co-working or technical space renting culture yet. It was building at the time, and we had to be part of it. The narrative evolved around this idea.

At Momento we created an identity concept for Yourspace that focused on a human centred hassle free design that was also translated to the app and the web design. This way we made this newly created business (and service) approachable and relatable, a friendly helping safe place for those entrepreneurial ideas that people believed in with passion. Making it consistent and trustworthy was paramount as well for the audience to give value to the product and the brand.

Moreover, the campaign also had a digital side in which the digital art direction and the content were planned to follow the same thought-line. We found a place in the world for Yourspace.

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