Our passion is to create a strong bond with our clients to help them reach their goals by generating connection moments, because connection, nowadays, is vital. We like to work hand in hand with them through empathy and the power of strategic creativity.

Out Team

Brand Strategy Director

He believes brands can save the world because brands are made of people, and people can do awesome stuff. His work is to create meaningful strategies that connect brands to audiences.

Creative Director

Passionate by the power of creativity and strategy he defends that design without strategy is only aesthetics, and if you only have strategy then you only have a “power point”. His work is to bring to life strategies, design concepts and make emotions tangible.

Service Design and Innovation Director

She always says that services represent your brands abilities to adapt and answer your audiences needs. Her work is to question and transform in order to produce sustainable growth.

Art Director

Graphic Designer and Digital

Graphic Designer and Motion

Mentions & Awards

Our Clients

We understand branding as a way to find the real essence and the true story of a brand. We believe in making it memorable, relevant and future-proof, because it’s meaningful. We love it that way.

From brand strategy, positioning and narrative, to visual and verbal identity, digital ecosystems, brand activations, campaigns and content development, at Momento we walk alongside our partners during the whole process. We are a mix between a consultant and a loyal sidekick. This is who we are. We’re there for you. This is your moment(o).

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