A superbrand for
a superhero creator


Salva Espín was a relatively known person and an amazingly talented cartoonist, illustrator and artist that had been working for Marvel (Deadpool, Wolverine, Spiderman…) for a long time before a Spanish national channel interviewed him on prime time. Then people realized how amazing this professional was and he realized he had to professionalize his own personal brand. We said yes to that challenge.

We started by creating a brand identity that would allow him to channel that national attention and make people aware of his multifaceted profile, not only as a comic artist but also showcasing Salva Espín’s many talents. The art direction was thought to serve this purpose and it was also implemented in an online shop in which he could spread and sell his artwork.

The digital art direction was also in charge of Momento, as well as the UI and UX. The whole identity was rooted in Espín’s signature, the minimum expression of his own talent and personality, from which we extracted the fast strokes and dynamic look that composed the final image. We developed apps, his packaging and the stickers that would decorate it. It was an amazing experience to be able to work with such a talented professional and to capture all his expertise, creativity and imagery and turn it into a practical exercise of branding. A story with a nice ending.

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