When the street
meets the screen


Disruption is key when facing a communication campaign nowadays. Reebok had this idea in mind when they came to Momento and asked us to help them to make a guerrilla action as part of their new launch campaign for Club C, a project that had Kendrick Lamar as its main asset. Of course, we said yes. The challenge here was to work with the “Hold court” Club C global campaign while offering something different with a guerrilla feeling and street slang.

We came up with the idea to work with augmented reality to bring the “court” to the screens and, of course, to make the city experience inspirational in specific gathering spaces, squares and iconic places by using mobile devices. We paired it all with conventional out-of-home actions. We worked through the campaign positioning and decided that people would have to “find their court” to play; they would have to find certain stickers around the certain neighbourhoods of Barcelona and Madrid and, thus, unlock the whole new edition launch experience.

Our creative approach was to craft new graphics inspired by both the campaign itself and Kendrik’s album design. The animation, the poster design, the stickers and illustrations were created in-house as well. It was a great way to pay tribute to Kendrick’s album “How to pimp a butterfly”, to our courts and, obviously, to the Reebok Club C heritage while going beyond conventional ways of expression.

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