Optimized Mobility


Mobleet is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Freight Intelligence Platform startup designed for small to medium sized businesses delivering fast execution and optimized route plans solutions based on artificial intelligence algorithms, aggregating multiple sources of data such as traffic, internal company knowledge and weather information. Mobleet is also a sustainability-oriented tool for environmental challenges by reducing CO2 emissions by 80 tones per vehicle/year and allowing at the same time the reduction of operational costs by 20% (company/year).

Apart from being a B2B project, the biggest challenge was addressing the target audience which was very specific, small and medium company owners that are not digital natives and still manage work in a rather traditional and sometimes analog way. How could Mobleet “talk” to these people, convince them to change to a fully digital service… apart from that there was also a big message that had to be communicated, this software aims to increase sustainability by working data with ESA (European Space Station). A very strait forward strategy, design and B2B campaign. Lowering the global message to relatable features and benefits without losing the innovation edge was key! … and apparently worked very well, from business meetings to a pitch at ESA and the Web Summit. We just wish the best for this group of entrepreneurs and that Mobleet keeps growing in business and at the same time helping out planet Earth!

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