A modern exhibition
about mysticism


Innovating in exhibitions that talk about historical or religious matters is always tricky; everything resides on the balance. In fact, the key is the balance on how to make it modern yet true to what they talk about.

This show called “Místicos” talked about the mystics Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross and their presence in the art world, specially in the imagery and production of El Greco, Murillo, Alonso Cano, Ribera, Chillida or Tàpies. Momento had the opportunity to create the graphics and catalogues for this inspiring exhibition. The two figures that the show talked about, both mystics, had a story that was very bipolar; their writing was religious but so passionate that one could also mistake it for romantic love.

They walked a path between light and darkness, what was earthly and heavenly, a place full of dualities that was patent to their art. Therefore, we created a visual identity that would reflect these ambivalence, this dichotomy of feelings, and translated it to bold colours like bright white, a deep dark blue and blood red. The contrast was looking for this feeling of a clash between enlightenment and earthly passions.

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