Empathy as a channel
for brand positioning


Murcia is a place in the Southern part of Spain that has a hot climate and a character of its own; its creative landscape was an interesting field to explore and nurture when the Instituto 42 project landed on our studio. This creative education centre needed a guideline to define its goals, its personality and how it communicated with its students, future students, the staff, the partner companies and the local agents, from the city to their own neighbours. We accepted the challenge.

As a global branding project, we created bespoke workshops to understand the raison-d’etre of the school, identifying its clear values; with this information we were able to craft the archetypes, the narrative and the personality traits that would redraw the present and the coming future of Instituto 42 and its needs. We connected with the place in an engaging way, understanding its passion and the good-hearted stubbornness that sparked the school. We wanted to help it grow; we understood that the main audience needed to be pinpointed and segmented to create a compelling flow of information that would end in an education relationship. We had to reach the future students that would respond to what the school would signify: being an outsider, being creative, having a passion and working in a community. Making the best out of any situation.

Things being this way, we were thrilled to start working on the visual identity of the place; the art direction and the communication tools and deliverables needed to emanate the same slightly punk-ish personality that the situation and the segmentation required, so we went all in with the editorial design and the global communication. The vibe was very dynamic; we designed three layers of information and made the central one, a layer made by students. This was our way of saying they were the central point of it all. Every teaching field looked different in an organic atypical way. We wanted to make it as hot as Murcia itself, surprising and fun. Also, we had fun, needless to say.

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