A story as old as
branding and wine


What’s better than being able to work in a project you love? Making it memorable and long lasting in a place that brings childhood memories back. Caminhos Cruzados was a brand that was born out of a desire to bring back the winemaking craftmanshing to the Dão region in Portugal, from where parts of Momento come from. The job here was to create the whole brand from scratch, understanding the heritage and history of the land and the landscape, the wine culture in Portugal at that time and the need to change the game and step up the branding choices in the field. We were delighted with the task.

This branding, naming and product strategy global project had to understand and know the game rules of a very conservative sector in the country; wine. It was named after a coincidence that linked very well to the soil from which the grapes were born; Caminhos Cruzados, “crossroads” in Portuguese, was born from the crossing of two visions, a traditional one and a game-changing one, hence the cross on the logo. The positioning was clearly directed to be a DIY groundbreaking brand, with archetypes that matched the branding personality and values that were an echo of the story of the wine itself. We went for a language that would spark the same taste as this beverage in the mouth; poetic, from the very land, emotional and memorable. It was a pleasure to the senses.

The packaging had to reflect the same aroma in the design, with a strong personality that would stand out proud amongst the rest of the brands. This is how Caminhos Cruzados crafted Titular, their best selling wine, and that’s how, with a great product and a branding project that would do what it had to do (bring up what was already there), the company became a character of its own in Portugal.

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