The scariest
identity project


What can there be more exciting than working for a fantastic film festival? Creating a whole identity concept for them. That was the spooky commission we were made by the Sombra Festival; they needed to reinvent themselves and differentiate their product maintaining their essence, horror and fantasy genre cinema. They wanted to start a new phase, a new path, full of renewed passion, quality and timeless modernity.

The strategy was based on a benchmark study we did analyzing national and international festivals; understanding the environment was pivotal to find a unique spot, a niche, in which the Sombra Festival could find a space in which to grow and unleash its full potential. We researched the history, the audience and the names, because we wanted to come up with a name that would reflect the values of this film festival.

A “sombra”, a shadow, is a dark image projected by a body on a surface. It is also a resource that’s been widely used in fantasy and horror films, so it sounded very fitting for the purpose. We used a typeface that would also enhance that idea, a long and bold type that would look like an actual shadow. The festival had an image that would be solid and robust and consequent with the main topic of their genre. A nice way to engage with the audience and have a consistent (and spooky) concept.

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