To catch the essence
and make it deliverable


Making things adequate and solid with the essence of the project is sometimes the most vital point for good communication and branding consistency. The client and the project are the central point of the experience, that will later be translated onto their audience. With this mindset we approached the Signum exhibition project. “Signum” was the name of an exhibition that spoke about the glory of the Renaissance times in Murcia, a coastal region in the South of Spain. It was a golden moment in the art of the country.

At Momento we were asked to conceptualize, create, design and craft the catalogues of this show, deliverables that had to emanate the essence of the exhibition as well as being clear, informative and respect the adequacy of the format. Things being like this, we decided to go to the source to get inspiration; we turned into the first published books from the Renaissance times. We decided we would do a modern version of those titles, both on the exhibition graphics and on the catalogues, because it was a nice homage to pay to the topic and those times in History in which culture changes and evolves so much the world becomes a better place.

The editorial pieces were completed with a typeface choice that also originated from 1495, and that was later rescued in 1929 by Monotype. It was a wonderful opportunity to take aesthetic choices that would reflect the true nature of the exhibition. 

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