An editorial
project with an
adventurous mind


Working with books is like working with little treasures that create parallel worlds. Editing big names, big titles, but also undiscovered authors and stories is a contribution to creating a more diverse and imaginative future. With this mindset we embarked on the Pombo Editora project, an editorial house that needed a branding and positioning strategic plan to launch their adventure.

The values were one of those things that came out clearly on our brand workouts and while creating the archetype and personality of Pombo. The intention was to recover formats and lost discourses; the brand narrative became a bet towards the idea of collections, running away from the immediacy discourse so popular nowadays that kills reflective thinking. Pombo wanted to create personal libraries, they wanted people to get back that feeling of having a curated set of books at home as a result of curiosity, patience and fidelity.

Things being this way, the naming we created for them emanated the same energy; it was based on the name of a café in which artists and writers would gather at the beginning of the XIXth century. We had the essence clear and that’s how the brand identity, art direction and editorial design were on that same wavelength. The imagery was based on old lettering signs and the books were treated as unique pieces that were crafted with the passion of the very editorial job. We also translated this project and strategy towards the social media world, as well as the digital realm.

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