When the packaging
says it all


Sometimes some projects need a little moment to take impulse and follow their path, like a helping hand in which they can trust when they get a bit stuck or they don’t really know how to read a map. That’s the stage in which Nevera Llena was when they came up to us to ask for a packaging solution that they needed like a fresh breeze. They had an incredibly solid business, they just couldn’t work out how to put their product out there. Our work focused on the creation of a universe that would add value to the product (food to fill your fridge for a whole week in a nutritious way) enhancing its qualities and keeping the aesthetic adequacy.

The main goal was to create a pack that would allow sending 14 meals; these would be the nutritious intake for a whole week for one person. After analysing the product, the market and the final consumer, we created the identity and defined the aspects that had to be highlighted on the packaging.

Also, the naming was created to be simple and straightforward; this way we were able to avoid unnecessary complications while communicating the project to the wider audience. Nevera Llena, meaning Full Fridge in Spanish, was a way to fill your fridge without having to worry about and doing it in a healthy way. Therefore, all the visual identity of the brand was inspired in the design of a fridge, giving a sense of quality to the product. The materials were carefully selected for optimal logistics, with sizes that would fit inside regular fridges and a disposition that would facilitate the organization and the communication of the nutritional value of the meals.

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