Thread Coating


This is Lock’M a newcomer to a very niche market that actually in terms of money its not that small. So this B2B comes in between industry giants offering a performance and quality optimization service. Lock’M provides an innovative B2B service of chemical thread retention solutions for bonding, locking and sealing with precoated threads. Lock’M is focused on optimizing process, timings and costs, in-house stocks and chemical safety.

It’s hard to convince B2B companies to bet on branding and marketing… why? Glad you ask. Simple; these people are rational non emotional decision makers, price oriented plus normally B2B products are dull and complicated to put into emotional marketing strategies since sales are very person to person oriented. B2B is changing, the markets are more competitive, and new generations are taking over. They understand marketing, they know that branding is an essential tool to empower their sales team and rise the visibility of their product. This generates shorten sales cycles, better and deeper relations between companies, empowers quality and trust and makes sure your values are truly perceived. Put some strategy into the business plan add good design to that and… hi!

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