When a company is also a social gamechanger


This global branding project had a detail that made it remarkably different from any other strategy and branding commission we had ever had. It was a coding and tech company, yes, but based in Saudi Arabia, a country with a very unique mindset and social rules to follow in which Hads, a forward thinking company, wanted to mean something as well as do something. They were there to create a project that was different and groundbreaking. We couldn’t be happier that they thought of us to help them build the idea.

We worked on the brand ignition, the positioning, the values and the architecture. Their mindset in the coding world helped us build a concept that will follow them during the process; the createchtivity, a way to think about technology in a creative way, which was the sign of Hads. As one of their main goals was to change certain realities of the Saudi society, we crafted a strategy that was based on being meaningful towards the general public. They had to say compelling and engaging things to the people out there; the tone of voice was designed accordingly.

In a place full of talent to explode, they wanted to build an ecosystem of learning so we placed Hads in a glocal and creative freedom universe. The brand identity, the Art Direction and creative copywriting, which included brackets making a reference to the same writing behavior as in coding, was a clear hint to the human / tech balance.

The brand activation was complete with Hads, as well as the digital universe building which comprised UI and UX design, motion and social media content, amongst other tasks. The global campaign creative planning positioned Hads as a strong and inclusive company in which to grow and expand talent in the Saudi society in front of both investors, future employees and the general public.

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