EAE Business School

A global branding
project with a
touch of feeling


The EAE Business School came up to Momento with a challenge: to empower their product communication strategy and to orient it towards their future students. However, where those students were or how they would find or identify them was something unclear at that point. We understood we had a fruitful path ahead to work on all the product communication touchpoints in order to enhance the sales and the segmentation. So we started our consultancy assessment project by profiling that audience and empowering the pre-existing yet slightly diffuse product positioning and value transmission. We were looking for profound and truthful engagement based on the balance between the tangible and the emotional.

There was a lot to organize and put in order at the initial moments of the plan; at Momento we understood that if we wanted to find the students we needed to empower the brand values to make them more attractive, engaging and compelling. The aim was to channel these efforts to create a customer journey that would include emotions, the only way to connect with the audience ready to intake that information. We wanted to make them feel, to be talked at with enthusiasm. The slightly outdated tone of voice was redesigned to make it more appealing, going from a communication style that sounded grey and generic to a copywriting based on the power of dreaming and security, two very powerful aspects regarding one’s skills for the future.

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