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It always happens: sometimes it is much easier to give advice to others than to understand what’s the best path for yourself. This is what happened with our project with Axis Corporate, a Barcelona based international consultancy firm that needed to better comprehend who they were as a brand, what was their main purpose and where they were heading (and if that was the same place as they wanted to go). Momento was presented with the task of helping make the brand evolve, amplify its wavelength, its communication points and to do it while adapting to the market needs, because Axis already had strong brand values, but they had evolved so rapidly and they have grown in a way that they thought that those values were not enough. It was definitely a job we were willing to take.

We redrew the brand strategy plan after many brand workouts and workshops in which we identified both the internal and external perceptions of Axis. They were placed in a situation that showed how security was the main guideline in their doings. The way they drew the next steps was working together with high rank executives and employees, uniting a vision of transparency and consistency. At Momento we guided and orchestrated this process as well as segmenting the customers, the audience and working on the brand narrative, the architecture and the empowering of the values.

Once the internal peeling of and reconstructing process was done, Axis felt like a refreshed company. The next logical step was to communicate this to the world; at Momento we worked on a global identity concept, the communication campaign and the editorial and product communication, as well as the art direction, the design and the tone of voice that would wrap all the experience up.

The digital realm also needed to have an image redesign. The digital art direction focused on the website and the social media channels, as well as on creating a tool to capture talent.

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